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Illustrator: 白露 Hakuro | Reference: 台東「哭泣湖」

A Ferrywoman and a “thing” in the lake,
reflect each other’s true desire.

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Akhrom, the river between life and death, and the entrance of underworld.


Thousands of broken memories are beneath this tranquil river.

The mission of “Ferryman” is to send these souls on a journey with no return.

The lost souls get cleansed in the long flow to the other side.

However, some anomalies exist in this land.

Instead of becoming a lost soul after death, they were born in the lake,

wandering around the fine line between life and death.

Captivating souls and even the ferryman, the “Phantoms” start working...


Concept: PhantomWorks

Recording: Echo Spring

Character Design: Mi'yuki

World Design: PP Cindy



Mizzer Aeternita: 佑芷

"She": 張乃文

Additional Voices: 邱涵菲

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