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Our voice could lead the world through a long way.

In the near future, hope all of us find ourselves happier, and being more ideal than ever.

Passion is valuable and quantifiable

We value our own passion and seek others' support for it. Since we already find the value in it.

To make the most of its untapped potential, we'll generate data for analyzing and verify it with speed. By iterating these processes and supporting each other, we can achieve our goals and find more than we've expected.

Small, compact team

We believe in the advantages of flat organization. Smooth conversation and high mobility are two crucial keys in executing tasks.

In order to make the world feel excited about our works, we keep our team size around 10 people. We choose our team members wisely and cautiously. After finding talents with passion, we provide a stage of rapidly growing, and reveal the undiscovered passion.

Workspace is everywhere

The flexibility of working time/location enhances our ability to create. On the other hand, it brings some grey areas between life and work. Depending on different views, it may be a pro or con.

However, we care our members' life and family. Establishing a culture without working overtime is one of our greatest goal. Phantom Work studio is our second home, not only as a facilitator, it also creates slices of life.

Here, we share our happiness, and also be each other's mental support. All of these emotions will become an important inspiration of our works. If you wish to show your repertoire for adventure, we need you to build the environment to grow with ease and safe.


The mixture of aesthetic, technology and innovation leads us. But our commitment in pursuing quality makes us unique.

Freedom of Rules creates Innovation

Innovation is not always good, but it always creates freshness. We want to utilize the freshness to its best.


To pursue the innovation everybody awaits, we believe that it's a must to seize and follow the old-school rules first, since it's verified in all aspects. Then we do some reorganization to test whether it's working or not.


Therefore, we have to gain our courage to make mistakes. After realizing the truth and know-how of existing values, we will be able to bring novel value to the world.

Create with world

Creation is all for human. It's a behavior to meet someone's need, no matter the person is a creator or viewer.


However, for the benefits of creations, the more the merrier!

Creators and viewers might not be on the same dimension, it's obvious that a creation everyone loves needs viewer to direct the way. If we can find a peaceful experience of collaborated creation, it'll bring an another-level sensation and growth.

Grow for fun

People play for fun, and playing is also an effective way to learn.


We don't create "people" here. We connect people. We share to make the world know the value of sharing. When the world starts to share what they expertise, the fun gets evaluated to an unexpected level. It's all because of growth.

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