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Derivative Works Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to create your fan works.


Phantom Works (hereinafter to be referred to as "We", "Us", or "Our" as the case may be) has established these guidelines to enhance the pleasure during you embracing our content, in as many different forms as possible.


When creating derivative works that comply with these guidelines, please feel free to show your creativities. No permission needed.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you follow the latest version of these guidelines.

What is "Derivative Works"?


We consider derivative works as creations born of your ideas and creativity, based on content created by us.

We will not exercise our rights in regards to derivative works. However, please note that we may use any derivative works you create as stream thumbnails, on social media.

When our talents used your derivative works, we follow the principle of specifying references to ensure the rights of your creations. For any inconvenience caused, please contact us.

If your works lack creative elements or modification, they does not fall within the scope of these guidelines.

General Guidelines


These guidelines pertain to any graphical, audible or textual contents created by us.

  • Please be mindful of our talents when creating your works. If any unpleasure is expected, please refrain from creating these works.

  • As stated before, we do not encourage the works within these genres:

    • ​Grotesque, gore, violence contents

    • Characteristic-breaking contents

  • Please limit your creation of derivative works to community use or hobby level. With the exception of advertising revenue or donation, do not use our content for profitable purposes.

  • Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the terms and rules of any relevant platforms.

  • Please refrain from creating derivative works that fall under the following categories:

    • Content that is mistaken as official

    • Content that is contradictory to public order and morality, or exceeds what is socially acceptable

    • Content that includes matters of religion or politics

    • Content that damages our image, or that of our talents or our content

    • Content that damages a third party's image, or violates their rights

  • We hold the discretionary power of the interpretation of guidelines.

Music Guidelines


These guidelines pertain to any instrumental or vocal audio contents created by us.

  • We allow covers, adaptations, editing and remixes of our music.

  • You can post your work to sharing sites, such as Youtube, Soundcloud and other similar sites.

  • We forbid the registration of any created or submitted musical derivative work as your own work.​

  • We forbid the extraction of our talents' voices to be used in speech generation.

  • When submitting musical derivative works, please credit performer's name and the name of music.

  • We hold the discretionary power of the interpretation of guidelines.

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