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We always explore untapped potentials.

Game Developer

Create sensational experience via interactions.

Voice Talent

Experience lives via voice.

We need you to back our backs!

There is no existence of "I" on the stage of Phantom Works. "We" create memorable phantoms.

Knowing everyone has a dream to come true, we fight hard for our dreams.

We believe our dreams have something in common: we are eager to show our passion to the world.

Everyone can easily get on a stage to perform via internet, and motivations are our concerns. Getting standing ovations is heart-stirring, but we want more. Not only performers gradually grow on the stage, viewers are also expected to get inspired and grow as well. Therefore, we create to get people inspired. Everything we build is a collaborated result. The excitement of unknown gets us going for a long term.

Hope you feel pumped up by reading these words. If so, you might be the person we are looking for! We value your passion highly, and we know passion fades easily if something goes wrong. To avoid that, we try to make everything transparent in the organization. Also, we provide flexible working time. The only thing we need to do is to focus on loving what we love. For now, the team will operate in part-time, and we look forward to expanding our work until the newly-established organization gets stabilized.

Finally, hope you like us and we could embark on a long journey!

How do we recruit?




To pursue our dreams, we need crazy people with conscience and discipline.

An extraordinary team/culture is composed of outstanding people, which is the most crucial step for success.

Hence, you will have multiple chances to know us during the recruit process. It might take about half to a month to get to know each other, and find the best way to work together.

Having culture in common makes us realize each other with ease. However, we consider various personalities as a positive impact in a team. We have different processes between positions. You only need to introduce your real self.

Career planning is also our concerns when recruiting members. We hope you can show off all of your talents here. If there's any concern, feel free to discuss with us during the process. We'll do our best to find the balance and providing basis of your choice. On the contrary, we hope you see the same way as us.

I would like to join! But no vacancy...

We are open to any kind of talent! If you are ready to promote yourself, contact us.

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